Black Trans Academics

Black Trans Academics

Trans Women of Color Writer’s Collective

Dr. Amber Johnson, Assistant Professor of Communication, Saint Louis University

Shay Akil, Ph.D. Canditate,  Biological Anthropologist & Sociologist/Evolutionary Genetics PhD Student


Dr. Van Bailey, Assistant Dean Director of Diversity and Inclusion, George Mason University

Dr.  Matt-Richardson, Associate Professor of English, University of Texas Austin

Dr. Moya Bailey, Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies at Northeastern University


Dr. Treva Ellison, Assistant Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Geography at Dartmouth College

Kylar Broadus, Emeritus Professor of Law, Lincoln University


Dr. Cameron  Awkward-Rich, Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies

Dr. Kai M. Green, Assistant Professor of  Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Williams College

Dr. Dora Santana, Assistant Professor of Interdiscipliinary and Gender Studies, John Jay College

Che Gossett, Ph.D.candidate in Gender and Women’s Studies,  Rutgers University

Reina Gossett, Co-Editor of Trap Door, Independent Academic

Dr. C. Riley Snorton, Professor of English Language and Literature

Dr. SA Smythe, Assistant Professor, African American Studies, University of Los Angeles

Dr. Abraham Weil, Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies,  California State University Long Beach

Andrea Jenkins, Writer, Politician,  Tretter Transgender Oral History Project, University of Minnesota

Dr. Kourtney Ziegler, independent scholar and innovator, Ph.D. Africana Studies Northwestern University

Raquel Willis, Writer and Activist